The ANIMAL CD format is born…National release in stores on September 14 at Jazz Rock department

This is a really special moment: 1 year and a half after writing the first notes, Animal, the new 4db Jazz Rock album was delivered this morning.

4dB - jazz rock progressif - Animal

We did put all our energy to record this album and make it a creative and captivating object, fusion guitars, a bass that sings and grooves, ever more psychedelic keyboards, a drums that oscillates between jazz and groove, compositions surprising and striking.

Animal is a summary of all the musical influences that transported us and made us vibrate. Satisfaction to have been until the end, relief to have overcome for the 2nd time the countless stages of realization … We cannot wait for our sound to reach your ears. Another huge thank you to all those who participated in bringing it out of the ground!

The teaser we recorded on July 7, it will arrive in early September, just before the official release on September 14, 2018 in physics and all platforms download. In the meantime, if you like our project, you can visit our Facebook, leave comments, likes, we need your support to exist on social networks.

We give you all rendez-vous for the concert on September 27 at the Sunset in Paris or everywhere else during our next concerts.

Tour in preparation!

The tour is more and more precise, with shows already planned on Paris, Troyes, Nantes, Lyon, Montpellier. We continue to actively look for dates, and things are progressing well but our networks have their limits. So we need your contacts, friends, relationships that could help us to be know a little more, by being programmed throughout France or everywhere else … Do not hesitate to propose places!