Progressive Jazz Rock – September news from the band 4dB

Hi everyone,  

We hope you had a beautiful summer.

For this new season, 4dB gets back to a creation phase, on order to compose new tracks. Less lives though, with a first appointment on November 9 at Cirque Électrique, where we hope to unveil you our new first songs.

4dB - Jazz fusion, rock progressif. Composition en cours

Creation, therefore, on which we have already begun having ideas: we announce it to you in preview: we are working on an initiatory voyage in the world of music. A return to the beginnings that will start with a technological universe, and take you little by little to a return to the tribal roots of music. Ideas arrive one after the other, each one of us bringing its originality, its personality. We hope to be able to make you discover the fruit of our work by the end of 2020.

We too decided to be back on stage at the end of this year, back to the Cirque Electrique, almost one year after the video immortalization of our Animal tour. We’ll play again our favorite tracks from Rokh and Animal, and we’ll too try for the first time on stage soem of our new tracks… We hope you’ll come and see us, and we look forward to chat with you about your first impressions !

And even if this year we will be less talkative, creation requires, we will keep on giving you some news, on our site but also on social networks.

We especially count on you to help us develop our social networks and demonstrate that we have an active network. So, we count on you for:

We too need you to De même, nous avons besoin que vous vous suscribe to our Youtube channel, and watch and comment our videos.

 Social networks are very important for programmers and music professionals., your help is therefore really important for us to lead to the end this new musical project… And be able to show you the results on stage in good conditions !

We wish you a pleasant month of September.