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Under an apparent relaxation, there are classy arrangements, expressive solos, imaginative and in perpetual evolution melodies. The line is not forced, softness and fluidity are felt and appreciated. […] With tenacity and talent the group plays with flexibility and offers us multiple subtleties. The whole is nice, the detail enjoyable.“

Catherine Codridex

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The animal in question is part of the family of progressive jazz rock in which it emancipated itself. But it was not born in captivity and knows how to cross the barriers to explore other musical terrains. Its compositions clearly draws outlines, and its improvisations make him unpredictable, direct and spontaneous.

Raphaël Benoît

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“The band thus establishes a bridge between jazz (the precise and elegant swing of the rhythm section forms the basis of everything, see “Senzala”) and the progressive music without disguising the rock power (“Fleur de Singe part 2″, ” Sauvage “) incarnated by a raging guitar, or the pop hovering accents – even space (” Lune Rousse”,” Abysse”), slipping on the costume of heirs of the Magma and other Cortex of yesteryear. Much more than an album, a real instrumental journey; the flight was superb, thank you. “

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“Musically, 4db is at the crossroads of a technical and complex jazz (” Abyss “) and a progressive rock hovering and contemplative.” Animal “is a good breath of fresh air, which is good in this world of brutes “

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Animal, the new album of the 4dB, proposes 11 compositions where each moment is a call to the creative freedom and antiformatage. After Rokh, it’s a new opportunity to discover the progressive jazz of 4dB.

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I have thoroughly enjoyed 4db’s Animal. The album delivers a great stylistic mix. The album has many genuinely exciting solo flourishes. These raise the bar high and help to enhance the arrangements of the compositions on offer. The combination of all of these traits creates a hugely appealing album. I look forward to hearing more from this talented band in the future. In the meantime, I will continue to play Animal regularly.

Owen Davis, Dutch Rock Progressive Page, 2018 Dec the 2nd

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When jazz rock is mastered, it always lets the blue note float. 4dB and his “Animal” are the proof.
Hervé Devallan,  22 Octobre 2018

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The 4 members of the 4dB band were on the Canal 32 set to present their new album.

this “Animal” only asks to be tamed to better contribute to the happiness of demanding and rather open amateurs. We can’t help but go back to it after tasting !

Fred Delforge

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The new parisian jazz-rock fusion scene grew rich in 2016 of a new group, 4DB – around the guitarist Damien Boureau ( the ‘ DB ‘ ). Atmospheric balance all in delicacy, climates where the jazz-fusion seventies of Soft Machine comes to be next to the jazz-funk revisited by Snarky Puppy, while keeping this ‘French Touch’ of a national stage so active for about forty years. A real fresh breath of air over 2016!

Thierry de Haro

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Live adjournment of the concert of 14/09/2016, la Chapelle des Lombards (Paris)

by Thierry de Haro, 2016 November the 16th

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«Agile and full of jazzy swing, the music of the French group 4dB grew in Pat Metheny’s sound »

2016 November the 4th

Interview of Damien Boureau, composer and guitarist of the Progressive Jazz Rock band 4dB, by Eric Bastien

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… We thus find ourselves with an original record letting inhale the music and rejecting all the constraints of an often boring formatting layout. Here, the pleasure is really the mainspring for those who will know how to take time to find a good old leather armchair and a hi-fi system. In brief, all those who will take time to live..

by Hervé Devallan, 2016 October the 5th

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Established in 2013, the quartet 4Db, in the name initials of his leader the guitarist Damien Boureau, recently recorded a first album, Rokh, beautiful surprise of the comeback. With at the same time elements of jazz traveler close friends(relations) of Pat Metheny, in particular in his inspirations of atmospheres come from Brazil ( New Wave), rhythmic of western Africa ( J.R). And elements of the British progressive rock of the beginning of 1970s on the side of Hatfield and The North or near National Health, the voices less (Hatching, Reflection). The alliance of tones between the guitar and keyboards (Thomas Cassis) and the fluidity of the rhythmic duet (Olivier Michel, bass, Quentin Rondreux, battery are the key points of the band. To which we shall add a capacity led well to work on breaks of climates. What make listen two longer and more interesting compositions of the album, Hello Mister Bond and No. Jazz For Old Men.

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4Db is a beautiful discovery for me. I often like getting off the beaten track and trying new sounds, other things, just to widen my musical fields …
What surprised me here it is the prog jazz-rock side. I know it nothing in the jazz but I like the tones which get free of it. As a result, I said myself to go why not to try … Thing which I do not regret this day because Rokh is a mesmerizing and very melodious album.
4dB is a quartet which was born in 2013. Damien Boureau (guitarist), the instigator knew how to convince Thomas Cassis, Olivier Michel and Quentin Rondeaux (drums, bass and piano) to follow him in his madness. But a sheer madness in ears reassure you …
Definitedly instrumental, this Rokh is going to make travel you by approaching themes which we imagine badly here because Rokh raises subjects as anti-formatting, where the freedom and the creativity are set up as totem.

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4DB is a group of the parisisian scene jazz current, in the Machine, in the echos sometimes of Keith Jarrett, John Maclaughlin, Snarky Puppy or still Pink Floyd, who explores an innovative music served by the creativity of Damien Boureau hisleader, guitarist and composer from the city of Troyes.
Thomas Cassis, Olivier Michel and Quentin Rondeaux joined him in 2013 to create this quartet the trend of which is in the mixture of genres and in the pure energy.
Jazz, progressive, pop rock and musics of the world merge where the freedom and the creativity are a leitmotiv.

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