Animal, the new album of the 4dB, proposes 11 compositions where each moment is a call to the creative freedom and antiformatage. After Rokh, it’s a new opportunity to discover the progressive jazz of 4dB.

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New album “Animal” – teaser

Live captation: “Vieux Robo”

Summary of the teaser:

Why “Animal”?

Animal because it’s a kind of flash that I had on the name of this album. There was a kind of thematic that emerged, it was a kind of mise en abyme or reflection on the animality of human, the questions that could arise and especially the creativity that could emerge from it.

An HD quality album

We did a lot of production work, especially for this kind of music. There are additions at the sound level, effects level. We worked to release an HD quality album for digital formats. We did a lot of spatialization to get really into the psyche and progressive side of progressive jazz rock music.

A resolutely progressive jazz album

We come to draw the color, the sound of progressive music, and the  improvisation of the jazz, with a part of random and therefore of risk in the way we play on the instruments. For example for bass, in writing, we have something that is based on groove, big sound. The keyboard has both a solo role, that is to say that we will hear long solo tracks, but equally it colors rhe music, giving it this 70’s color.

This is a project, according to the the way music is approached, that we can bring more towards rock or more towards jazz. The drummer has that role.

Obviously, when we talk about the guitar, this is where progressive jazz makes sense.We are really between jazz and rock, either in the game or in the melodic and rythmic language.

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