Progressive Jazz Rock – here’s the new live video of 4dB

Hi, everyone,  

For our concert last July 5th in the hotness of the Dame de Canton, we had installed two GoPro, a smartphone, in order to put in the box a few live tracks and make you enjoy.
And here is the first video: Hello Mister Bond.

But what’s the story of this track ? 
Hello Mister Bond immerses you in the dream of an encounter with James Bond, in a scenery painted by orientalism inspiring the Jazz-Rock universe of 4db.
This piece, where improvisation is central, was inspired by Jimi Hendrix’s “Third Stone From the Sun” which is considered one of the first pieces of Jazz-Rock.
It is a potion intended for the vaporous reverie mixed with spices and improvisation, ingredients of an introspection in the unconscious of the 4db.
So, if want to come and watch, leave us a like and a nice comment, we will be pleased!