Progressive Jazz Rock – June news from 4dB

Hello, everybody,  

The 4db prepares the concerts of July at the “Dame de Canton” and the tour around Saint Nazaire. For the occasion we started to set up new tracks … And also decided to put on our playlist some old tracks of our first album, like J.R.

First of all, on the 5th of July we are going back to the Dame de Cantonfor our last Parisian concert of the season before going for 3 concerts around St Nazaire:

This will be an opportunity for us to play again old compositions and make tou discover new ones.

The season ends in July, before re-attack in October in great shape with new ideas … We hope a productive creative summer, with lots of new compositions that will probably lead us to 2020 on a third album.

4dB- Jazz Rock Progressif - Prochaines dates

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We wish you the best for this month of June !