January News

In 2019, the Animal is not yet ready to rest !

Hello everyone, the 4db wishes you a happy new year 2019 !

For 4db and its progressive jazz rock, this year begins with a concert at the Dame de Canton January 12 in Paris, 2 live videos from the concert at Cirque Électrique and the release of the vinyl that should take place in March or April .

It’s been a little over 3 months since the album Animal came out and the 4db continues its series of concerts !

It is therefore at the Dame de Canton on Saturday, January 12th will happen the first concert of 4db in 2019. The concert at la Dame de Canton will be a new opportunity to share our music with the public and celebrate on stage this new year.

After the shooting that took place at Cirque Electrique
December 7th, 4 to 6 videos will be published on our Youtube channel
during the first 4 months of the year. After a reflection on the order of publication of these, we can already announce you that the two first videos will be Vieux Robo and Lune Rousse.
They are being edited and will be published during the 2nd week of January.

The pictures are really good and so is the sound recording, we can not wait to show you !

Our vinyl, which we thought we could release before the holidays, will only be available in March / April for several reasons. The first is due to the crossing of the diaries with the live capture of Cirque Electrique. The second is that, after recording our concert at Sunset and Cirque Electrique, it seemed obvious to us to use these recordings to put them on the vinyl to offer live in addition to studio recordings. Finally, Julien Robert, our graphic designer, works on a design and graphic content special for vinyl with additional images, and it takes time to be at the top !

The 4db Animal is not yet ready to rest in 2019 and intends to cross your route during this new year !

We wish you the best for this new year !