February news

Even more live with new dates and new videos

In February, the 4db and its jazz / rock / progressive, continues its tour of the album Animal with a concert on February 19 at Les Disquaires in Paris.

After “Vieux Robo”, 1 week ago “Lune Rousse” came out in video on our Youtube channel. It will soon be Fleur de Singe’s turn to join the live video collection from the concert at Cirque Électrique.

It is therefore at Les Disquaires on Tuesday, February 19th that will happen our next concert of 4db. Since September 14, the album Animal has been released and the 4db continues with a growing energy its series of concerts. The concert at Les Disquaires will be another opportunity to share our music with the public and, we hope that many Parisians will come to immerse themselves in the Abyss of our universe for a night.

After the filming which took place at Cirque Électrique on December 7th, 4 to 6 videos will be published on our YouTube channel during the first 4 months of the year. We have already released the first two videos: “Vieux Robo” and “Lune Rousse”.

We invite you to take 5 minutes to watch them on our Youtube channel, leave a comment, like, share.

And, we thank Hugues Rouillot for the beautiful pictures and editing and Alexis Orta for the sound!

Finally, we still need you on social networks, do not hesitate to like, share if you want to help us having people talk about us.

The videos are also there to be broadcast and exchanged to publicize our project, to give new people the desire to come see us in concert and make programmers want to solicit us.

The 4db Animal continues in 2019 on its way and we hope that it will be the longest possible. We wish you the best in this month of February!