Progressive Jazz Rock – 4dB – Biography

4dB is a current group of Progressive jazz-rock, being resolutely situated in the lineage of GONG or SOFT HATCHES. At the instigation of the guitarist and the Trojan composer Damien BOUREAU, the quartet established in 2013 around Thomas CASSIS, Olivier MICHEL and Quentin RONDREUX. Since the autumn of 2018, Francesco Marzetti took the role of drummer, bringing a very particular universe and new sonorities to the group.

These four musicians stemming from the new parisian jazz scene distil a jubilant music, which merges the jazz, the rock, the pop or the musics of the world. Published on the label Great Winds, album ” Rokh ” and “Animal” are an ôde in the difference and in the anti-formatting), where the freedom and the creativity are set up as totem. Every title is an invitation to travel through a universe rich in references and colors. 

The 4dB offers a singular music, which combines the richness of a writing nourished by the influences of each member of the group and the freedom of improvisation.

Damien Boureau (composition et guitare)

4dB - Damien Boureau, Guitariste FusionDamien Boureau was born in Rennes, one of the most dynamic and underground music cities in France. He was rocked in his youth, both by his parents’ jazz and progressive rock and by the rap, reggae, electro, punk and world music booming in the 90’s … He was interested in classical guitar, percussion, bass. The electric guitar, which he learns as an autodidact, became his instrument of predilection.

Fascinated by art in general, the creative process in particular, he decided to become a fusion guitarist. He went to Nancy and Paris to study improvisation and composition with some of the greatest French and European musicians such as Yannick Robert, Jean Marie Ecay, Gerard Curbillion, Michel Perez, Jean Marie Bellec, Christophe Godin or Peter Nathanson. He obtained a Jazz Guitar Prize, the state diploma of Amplified Contemporary Music and the competition of conservatories of the city of Paris.

Hyper-creative fusion guitarist, he is inspired by both jazz, rock and world music. He collaborates with artists such as Aurore Rakotomalala, Gaëlle Collin, Cédric Barré or Freddy.

In 2013, after ten years as an accompanist in different projects, motivated by the desire to express his own artistic world, Damien Boureau set up the progressive jazz band 4dB, with the ambition to mount a sustainable, artistically sound project offering creative, free music.

Thomas Cassis (keyboards)

4dB - Jazz Rock Progressif - Thomas Cassis - claviersAfter studies to the academies of Troyes with Ludovic De Preissac, then Reims with Manu Pekar, he perfects beside Manu Codjia, Bruno Rousselet and Jean-Christophe Cholet.
While pursuing a master of degree in music at the Sorbonne university with Laurent Cugny, he studies the piano with Emil Spanyi and begins an abundant career.
We can hear him in the trio Kobo Concept, within the Julien Daian 5tet ( electro jazz), groups with which it shared the scene with David Lynx and Vincent Peirani. He also plays in the training funk Urban Groove Unit, as well as in projects of song (The Pretty, a feminine trio everything charms and in humor, Yann Destal, half of the duet Modjo known for the tube “Lady”).

Thomas is a sought guide (road show with the singer Grégoire, the TV studio set with the American soulman Aloe Blacc, the recording with Tal and Sean Paul on the first album of the singer of R’ n’ B French). He is very active on the young public scene in association with Virginia Capizzi. Their project, Funny Zanimaux, moreover won the prize of Adami and academy Charles Cros.

Olivier Michel (bass)

 He began the double bass to the Academy of Juvisy-sur-Orge in 1996 with Fabien Marcoz. In 2002, he joined the National Music school of Yerres. He worked it the double bass jazz with Stéphane Kerecki, the classic double bass with Brigitte Quentin as well as the harmony and the arrangement with Manuel Villarroel. He obtained his diploma at the end of studies in 2005.
He refines then his classic technique to the national Academy of La Courneuve with Sylvain Wiener and also developped the team game and the improvisation participating in Master’s degree class with Claude Tchamitchian, Block Philips, William Parker, the group Print, Steve Coleman …
He studied in Siena (Italy) within the framework of the Siena Jazz Workshop, then takes lessons with Christophe Wallemme (trio Prysm). In 2008, he arrived second of the International Competition of Double bass ” Bass ‘ on 2008 ” in the category jazz.
His curiosity brings him to diversify his musical universe, so much in French song with Maryvette Lair, trip – hup with VOLYN, in jazz with Manuel Villarroel New Latin Jazz Quartet, J.S.Trio, Denis Uhalde trio as well as in rock with Cléo T and R*F.

Fransco Marzetti (drummer)

4dB - Jazz Rock Progressif - Francesco Marzetti - BatteriePassionate about percussion since the age of 6, Francesco Mazetti begins taking drum class at the age of 14. His first teacher is Vittorio Marinoni, then replaced by Stefano Bertoli.

During the last few years, he plays in several Rock / Metal / Progressive groups in the area of Bergamo (Italy), improving different techniques and refining double pedal skills.

Thanks to his mentor Stefano Bertoli, Francesco continues his studies and plays in various Funk/Latin/Fusion/Jazz groups. He also attends jazz music classes held by Tino Tracanna, Stefano Bertoli and Attilio Zanchi, as well as Sandro Gibellini and Sergio Orlandi, where he has the opportunity to improve his improvisation techniques and styles.

His meetings with the Mexican artist Israel Varela and his passion for Latin Music, leads him to a full and complete understanding of the language of this specific music genre.

Thanks to Maxx Furian, he also has the opportunity to refine his technique.
Francesco is now working in cooperation with several groups, playing live music. He works as an independent teacher in Suonintorno School in Gorle, Bergamo (Italy). Recording studio collaboration with emerging artists allows Francesco to refine his studio techniques and sounds.

He lives and plays in Paris since 2014