April news

Hi evrybody,  

Spring is here ! And 4dB is still working on the delivery of the vinyle (tough work, but it’s coming !), the live video of Fleur de Singe at Cirque Électrique is there since the end of march (come and take a lot at it) and our next venue is on April the 13th on the bateau El Alamein (come and hear).

First of all, good news: the vinyle might be released before the end of this summer : we are working hard on te graphic elements, and we found where we’ll press it. It will come with 5 graphic pictures both sides, and brand new live tracks. It’ll come in very limited edition: only 100 copies.

On our Youtube channel, you can now find:

All good reasons to come and get a look to it, suscribe, like, comment and share your favorite videos on social networks!

And, if you want to see us on stage, we’ll be in Paris on April the 13th, on the beautiful bateau El Alamein: another occasion for us to discover a new public and share new musical moments !

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We wish you the best for this month of April !